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GFBP 2019 (Global Franchise Business Plaza)

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GFBP 2019 (Global Franchise Business Plaza)

Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap participated in Global Franchise Business Plaza(GFBP) 2019, at Coex in Seoul, South Korea.
At this event, a total of 180 businesses participated in consultations: 40 B2B buyers from the world including Southeast Aisa, America, Japan, etc. and 140 domestic franchise businesses.

With the influence of the Korean Wave, buyers who participated in the event are also diverse. Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap had 5 meetings with Businesses that have high interests in Korean food from America, Japan, and Singapore. 
Hyun Ki Kim, CEO of Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap, said: "It was a great time to communicate with different international businesses." "We will do our best to create and cooperate in the global market." 

More than 390 domestic franchise brands have entered overseas, mainly in America, China, and ASAN. With Increasing the demand for overseas expansion, Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap also pushes forward in the global markets.

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