The BB.Bob logo represents
the culture and healthiness of K-food
served up in every Premium bowl.

The taste of Clean and elevated
Healthy Living

Pick out toppings for your heart and soul,
or savor one our traditional bibimbap offerings.

Hello, this is BB.Bob.

We work with your body.
Pile on your favorite toppings, or enjoy one of our personalized
health-balancing bowls.

Our goal is to help you

Feel light and clean from the inside out.
We hope to spread the joy of Korean cuisine through our bowls.

Each BB.Bob bowl is made-to-order and Full of Protein,
Vitamin A and C adding a nutritious boost to your day.

Vitamin A, C

  • Paprika
    (Yellow, Red)

  • Onion

  • King Oyster

  • Red lettuce

  • Avocado


  • Meat

  • Tofu

  • Grilled Chicken

  • Fried Egg

BB.Bob comes from the words bibi-da,
the Korean word for “mix,” and bap, which means “rice”

In short, BB.Bob means
“Rice that is enjoyed globally and toppings blended together.”

is global Korean brand of
"Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap"
a Korean traditional brand
that has
45 years of history.

We bring you the essence of Korean culture and tradition in a bowl.
The toppings are mixed with gochuchang, our 45-year-old
secret sauce, along with sauces from around the world for
sophisticated flavors.

Bringing you the traditions, culture,
and wisdom of K-food in a bowl,
delivers fresh and elevated
health food
in a Premium Own Bowl.

We created BB.Bob in a cup to be portable,
so you can enjoy a healthy meal anywhere, anytime.

The BB.Bob logo represents
the culture and healthiness of K-food
served up in every Premium bowl.

Featuring obangsaek, or the traditional Korean colors of blue, white, red, black, and yellow,
our BB.Bob brings out this spectrum in the toppings.

Obangsaek, the traditional five Korean colors,
prioritizes the harmony of colors in bibimbap ingredients.

Savor the traditions, culture, and flavors of Korea
with our fresh and elevated Premium bowl.

With 45 years of history behind the
"Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap" brand,

BB.Bob is emerging as a global,
fast-casual Korean food brand.


  • Ranked No. 1, Korea Consumer Appraisal (KCA) Korean Franchise

  • Named ‘Nice Franchise’, Korea Fair Trade Mediation Agency
    : Support for businesses affected by COVID-19-Royalty discounts and marketing support

  • Named ‘Best Quarantine and Sanitation among Korean Restaurants’, Korean Food Promotion Institute


  • Launched first 'BB.Bob' location inside Jeonju Hanok Village

  • Signed MOU with ‘Bibimbap GlobalizationProject Corporation’

  • Launched first BB.Bob location inside Jeonju Hanok Village

  • Signed MOU with Malaysia Business Group Cravito Group Sdn Bhd’

  • Participated in 10, Global Franchise Business Plaza (GFBP)

  • Participated in 10, 2019 Abu Dhabi International Franchise Exhibition

  • Participated in 11, 2019 Vietnam International Retail Shop and Franchise Show

  • Participated in ‘Malaysia-Cambodia Economic Envoy and Business Partnership’ (Malaysia)

  • Currently operating 61 ‘Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap’ stores nationwide
    (Direct ownership – 6 locations, Franchises – 55 locations)


  • Participated in Malaysia-Korea Business Partnership

  • Currently operating 34 ‘Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap’ stores nationwide
    (Direct ownership – 9 locations, Franchises – 25 locations)


  • Be selected as a franchise enterprise (Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • Participated in Southeast Asia Franchise Export Conference


  • ‘Hanok Village Jeounju Bibimbap’ Foray into Franchsing


  • Open a Pung Nyeon Restraunt (Mother of the CEO)

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