About Us

About Us

From simply eating a meal to food that adds
health, healing,
value, and tradition to life!

We are proud and rewarding as we strive to promote the excellence
of Korean food to the world.

We would like to spread the excellence of Korean food in the long term
rather than in the short term for the globalization of Korean food by Bibimbap.

Jeonju Bibimbap & Jeonju Soybean Sprout Soup,
we will strive to serve as a leader in the globalization of Korean food by practicing our vision and strategy deeply to spread the traditional taste, food, and culture.

We will always be with you as a dining company that shares your daily life
by feeling health, healing, values ​​, and traditions every time you eat with
our food.

We cherish our relationship with you and promise to reward your interest in Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap's by differentiated value, tradition, and advanced service.

Thank you once again, and we wish you always full of health in your daily life.

CEO of Hanok Village, Hyunki Kim.

  • ‘Pungnyun 家’
    Our Promise

  • The finest ingredients and “Our place” always has affordable prices.

    Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us. We will continue to serve all our customers with a sincere and kind heart, making our customers feel at ”home”.

  • “Our place” values
    the deep flavors and all the valuable times.

    To those who have taken this precious step with us, we promise to always be honest, provide nothing but warmth, and sincerity.

  • “Our place”
    Where there is love, there is life.

    Our recipe created using the traditional recipe that has been inherited from my mother. It provides an authentic taste of Korea with great quality.

  • POINT 1.

    K-FOOD Korean Food Globalization Project

    We show the savory taste of Korean traditional food "Jeonju Bibimbap & Bulgogi".

    As K-FOOD’s most famous dish, it delivers the unique taste of Korea worldwide

  • POINT 2.

    Providing traditional taste and quality

    The Jeonju Bibimbap of Pungnyeonga is a recipe created using the traditional recipe that has been inherited.
    It provides an authentic taste of Korea with great quality.

  • POINT 3.

    Health & Healing Food & Adding Value and Tradition

    UNESCO: Food of Creative City Jeonju!

    Slow food & healing food which representative city Jeonju!

    Traditional local fermented food representing Jeonju!

    Important tourism resource as a cultural asset (local food)
    -> Contribution to vitalizing the local economy

    Expressing the most Korean taste and food

    Raising the status as a national cultural resource

  • POINT 4.

    Partnership-Establishing modern production facilities

    In order to maintain the best quality,
    we are supplied products produced with modern production facilities and sanitary facilities, and all processes are operated by applying strict quality control HACCP SYSTEM (critical element management standard).

Pungnyun 家 Management Philosophy

It means Accepted, united, accepted and colored. Sweet taste harmonizes well with other flavors, and white goes well with other colors, so that means a man of true character can do courtesy well.

  • receive, get, handle, accept

  • harmony, balance, coordination

  • receive, get, handle, accept

  • dig out, dig up, pull out

The Value of
"One" :
A Jeonju Bibimbap Brand in Hanok Village

  • "One” Jeonju Bibimbap is the first brand to make Jeonju Bibimbap
    a global franchise.

  • "One” Jeonju Bibimbap is the only Jeonju Bibimbap franchise brand.

  • "One” Jeonju Bibimbap is a great brand that constantly seeks to coexist
    with business owners/store owners.

  • "One” Jeonju Bibimbap is a brand established due to the sacrificial heart of
    a loving mother.

Beauty of Korean Food
Leaping forward with the Jeonju Bibimbap recipe of Pungnyun家:
We plan to continue delivering the effect of the warmth
our bibimbap has the world.


-Wins 1st Place at KCA Franchise Awards 2021
-Completes design of HMR products and launches 'Suhwasuchae'
-Opens directly managed HMR stores
-Launches fast casual restaurant brand 'B.B.Bob'
-Merges with 'Pungnamok', a Jeonju bean sprout soup and Hamheung cold noodles restaurant brand
-Outdoor advertising at KTX train stations in Seoul, Daejeon, and Busan
-Registers trademarks of two brands (Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap and B.B.Bob) in UAE
-Open Store : Gasan (directly managed), Jeonju Premium Hanok Hotel, Homeplus Yeongdeungpo, LF Square Yangju, NC Gangnam, Yongin Living Power Center


-Official 'YouTube' and 'Naver TV' channels opened
-Named “Nice Franchise,” Korea Fair Trade Mediation Agency
: Support for businesses affected by COVID-19 — Royalty discounts and marketing support
-Named “Best Quarantine and Sanitation among Korean Restaurants,” Korean Food Promotion Institute
-Led 'Franchise safe restaurant expanded campaign'
(Korea Franchise Association, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs)


Signed MOU with Malaysia Business Group “Cravito Group Sdn Bhd”
Participated in “Korea-Malaysia Business Partnership”(Malaysia)
Participated in 2019 Korea -Myanmar Business
Participated in Global Franchise Business Plaza(GFBP)
Participated in Abu Dhabi International Franchise Exhibition
Participated in Vietnam International Retail Shop and Franchise Show
Open a restaurant and food court 15stores (2019.12)
Total: 61 stores


Signed MOU with “Bibimbap Globalization Project Corporation”
Launched 'Hanok Village Jeonju Bean Sprout Soup' brand
Launched 'Hanok Village Jeonju Sot Bap' brand
Participated in 2018 Vietnam Franchise Expo(Vietnam)
Participated in Busan Franchise Expo(Korea)
Participated in Daegu Franchise Expo(Korea)
Open a restaurant and food court 14 stores Total:34 stores


Be selected as a franchise enterprise(Small and Medium Business Administration)
Participated in Global Franchise Business Plaza
Open a restaurant in D-CUBE Department store(Geoje)
Open a restaurant in Hyung-Ji Shopping mall(Busan)
Open a restaurant & foodcourt in Homeplus mart
Open a restaurant and food court 14 stores Total: 20 stores


Converted to Pungnyeon FC Co., Ltd.
Establish Hanok village Jeonju bibimbap franchise system
Open a restaurant in Shinsegae Department store(Inchon, Gimhae)
Open a restaurant in Lotte Department store(Masan)
Open a foodcourt in Dongdaemoon Doota mall
Open a restaurant in Homeplus the plus mall(Songdo)


Found a franchise manual of Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap
Open a restaurant in general reception of Sejong Government


Started Food Material Distribution Business
Food Distribution to hospitals, industries, and offices


'Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap' Foray into Franchising
Open a foodcourt in Apple outlet(Busan)


Inherited family business(Bibimabp)


Open a Poongnyun Restaurant (Mother of CEO)


  • #107-2, B1, Bldg.1, Building A, 606, Seobu Saet-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
  • TEL. +82-70-4791-1088
  • FAX. +82-50-4199-9082