Bibim (Start-Up Guidance)

Bibim (Start-Up Guidance)

Bibim Points

Strategies for Success of
Hanok Village Bibimbap&Sotbap”

"Hanok Village Bibimbap & Sotbap"maximizes the satisfaction of
merchants with its perfect system and high return on investment
based on trust and accumulated experience.

Anyone can start a business. But not everyone succeeds.
Trust and challenge the power of confidence and positivity.
I will be a partner for a successful start-up.

Meet Us Walking with Customers and Franchisees

When deciding on start-up items, you should carefully evaluate and judge them by considering four factors:
marketability, stability, profitability, and sustainability.
The success strategy of "Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap" is designed to bring the best results under four conditions.

Success Points

You can not make it by one ingredient but you can make it by combining many ingredients

  • Marketability

    Transfer of the secret recipe of 40 years mother

    Standardization of taste with sauce and broth only in 'Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap'

  • Stability

    Build a manual that can be easily followed even by beginners without worrying about the cooking experience.

    Saving labor costs and stable margins with the head office system that does not require a professional chef

    Stable training before thorough opening

  • Profitability

    Jeonju Bibimbap's unique strategy that maintains
    a stable environment from special commercial areas to road shops that can yield
    at low investment costs

  • Sustainability

    The true taste of Jeonju

    Seasonal and trendy Korean food

Success story

  • Healthy food: Making a difference in your life

    I can proudly say that I am very satisfied delivering and serving Korean food dishes that not only taste delicious but have a positive impact on our customers’ health while having stable sales.

    – Sejong Government Complex Branch -

  • Taking It to the Limit: Headquarter Works Hard

    Despite COVID-19 negatively affecting many businesses, we have been able to maintain stable profits with the support of the headquarters. It was possible to attract customers consistently due to the quality and characteristics of Korean food.

    – Mokdong Branch -

  •  Growing the Brand and Growing us.

    The headquarters has been very reliable and helpful even in difficult and uncertain situations. Through marketing tactics, menu renewal, and coexistence with business owners/store owners, we were able to show stable profits.

    – Shiwa Branch -

  • A Business Built on Passion, Focus, and Determination.

    Korean food is very sophisticated and refined. Customers who are chasing
    new trends can feel a piece of home in our food. I have been with the the brand since three years ago years ago with one store, but now I have expanded into three different locations. We are a brand that works together and help each other constantly grow.

    – Shinsegae Cheonan Branch -

‘Progress of Bibim’

‘Education progress of Jeonju Bibimbap’

Bibimbap & Sotbap Interior



The Interior that harmonized traditional and modern features provides
premium dining with traditional Korean dishes.
The materials, especially wood and brick, give people could experience
a traditional Korean house.

  • Façade

  • Elevation A

  • Elevation B

  • Perspective

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